Castle Well Airpark

Castle Well Airport
Morristown Az 85342

The Castle Well Airpark is just north of the Carefree Highway and east of Castle Hot Springs Road in the foothills of the Bradshaw Mountains. For detailed directions to the airpark, click here.

The Castle Well airstrip is for private use by our residents and guests must have permission before landing. Please review the Castle Well Airport page prior to your arrival for additional information.

Castle Well Airpark

Don't Get Lost

If you're planning on driving out to our private gated airpark to visit our residents, be sure to get the security gate code and write it down. Otherwise you'll may find yourself climbing our security fence and having a LONG HIKE! Also please stop and look both ways and UP, before driving on the airstrip. Detailed Instructions and Map >>

Castle Well Airpark

Morristown Weather Station

Castle Well's newest home owner and webmaster "Radar" Roy, has installed a wireless weather station that provides real time datafeeds to this website at his home. More Info »

Castle Well Airpark

Weather Information

Last Updated: 8:43am on 5/22/15
Outside Temperature: 72.5°F
Wind Direction: SSE
Wind Speed: 0
Today's High: 72.5°F at 8:32am
Lo: 61.9°F at 4:46am
Barometric Trend: 0.008
Sunrise : 5:24am Sunset: 7:29pm
Moonrise: 9:41am Moonset: 11:31pm
Moon Phase: 5

Detailed Weather Information »

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