Flight School For PARTNERSHIP or SALE South Florida

June 19, 2010

Hi, Welcome to my you tube ad! Up for sale or partnership is my small aviation flight school, located in Miami, Fl (KTMB) Kendall Tamiami Airport. Including flight training accessories, shelves, cabinets, books, tables, VCR, TV, videos, marker boards, maps, panel displays, hand held radio, copy machine, fax machine. Also included in this business package could be 1 or 2 Cessna 172’s This is great opportunity for any pilot, flight instructor or even students, looking to start his or hers own business in the aviation industry, in beautiful South Florida! If you or a couple of friends, want to start flight training, this is your chance to own your airplanes and have your office set up for aviation training. Awesome Aviation advantage for any enthusiast dreaming to be come a professional pilot or commercial pilot, or seeking to own a small business and/or partnership. The reason for selling after 23 years of full time instructing, is simply because I would love to dedicate more time to other things that have been postponing After the partnership or sale, I would be available for advice, guidance, and to share my knowledge and experience I have built for the past 23 years. My office is set up for the practical purpose of learning aviation in a real simple and straightforward environment. I have included as many photos possible to help in my description, however I do encourage you contact me for more information and questions. Please reach me via e-mail at info@miamifly.com or

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2 Responses to “Flight School For PARTNERSHIP or SALE South Florida”

  1. tarashel on June 19th, 2010 3:21 pm

    i am keen to see the feasibility of ur business. ive been looking around to takeover flight school for quite sometime now. pls send me message for further details. thanks

  2. pke246 on June 19th, 2010 4:08 pm

    Which flight school is this? i am interested .

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